Jerry Ngo

Beloit College. Beloit, Wisconsin, USA.

ngop at mit dot edu

I am a junior at Beloit College pursuing double majors in Computer Science and Math.

Currently, I am working on generative models and computer vision with Phillip Isola and Swami Sankaranarayanan from MIT CSAIL. Previously, I was a MIT CSAIL research intern working with Aleksander Mądry at Mądry Lab.

My current research interests are deep learning, computer vision, and generative models.


Jan 3, 2022 Join MIT CSAIL as a visiting student.
Jun 27, 2021 Join the MIT Summer Research Program.

selected publications

  1. A Study on Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms Using the Leaf Dataset
    Ngo, P. H., and Kwon, D.
    Journal of Industrial Information Technology and Application, 2021